Author: Robert Graysmith

ISBN: 9780425098080
Pages: 337
Description: 2.75-3 stars

I decided to pick this book up after watching Zodiac which was completely enthralling, however this was not the case for this book.The book was definitely well researched as it contains information from various sources,witnesses and reports.The book goes into extreme detail which was interesting at times but most of the time, it was just too much.

It feels as if Robert Graysmith just dumped all of his findings into the book without editing anything.Some of the details feel completely irrelevant or miniscule enough to leave out, like the fact the witness was wearing a watch or how their hair looked.The massive loads of information dumps made the book incredibly hard to read at times and nearly put me to sleep.

Zodiacis a short enough book but I really did find it hard to sift through this,I kept telling myself I’d read more but most days I couldn’t force myself to pick up the book again.I constantly found myself zoning out, despite the gripping facts but they were presented in such a boring manner as the important aspects of the book, were attached to plenty of irrelevant facts.

The mystery of the Zodiac himself was intriguing along with his numerous letters and writings.The rare photographs inside of the book were interesting and I enjoyed examining them.The book did get exciting when it came to the two main suspects who act in peculiar ways.

I much preferred the film to this, this could have been a great book if it was edited better and the writing was adjusted.
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